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My brain is made of mush, alongside all these brains stuff. I believe in sustainable living not out of environmental consciousness but more so in vue of a possible apocalypse and due to my ever growing disdain for human beings.
I like the song Big in Japan by Alphaville.

Born in the 70s. Montreal resident. Ex-Ex-Pat. Ex-Philadelphian, Ex-Las Vegan but ALL VEGAN.
Beagle gal pal and lover of the cervidae family.

Honorary graduate of Starfleet Academy.


On my last trip to NYC, I made my way down to Brooklyn to visit an old friend of mine and eat tons of vegan food (enter twined with a couple Tully-Gingers at Lucky Dog). After a quick slice at Vinnie’s in the early afternoon we headed to Food Swings for dinner. 

Let me tell you something… It’s the mother-fucking-end-all-be-all. I am pretty sure I cried, almost 100%. 

It was a great weekend for food, I’ll tell you that much. 

We pre-gamed with an order of disco fries. Which, were good, but not amazing. 

I had the “chicken” drumsticks. 1 breaded, 1 breaded & BBQ & the other just BBQ. I thought I had ordered all sorts of different flavoured sauces but I hadn’t (stupid Tully). And with those magnificent drumsticks I had a side of mac&”cheese”. Honestly, I could eat this for the rest of my life. And YES I put ketchup on my mac&cheese, I’m canadian, DUH! For those drumsticks alone AND the milkshakes, I would move to Brooklyn. Plain and simple. 

I had the black & white milkshake.

Adam had a philly “cheesesteak” which was absolutely crazy good and reminded me a bit of how awesome the ones at Gianna’s in Philly used to be. Now that Gianna’s is known as Blackbird, their cheesesteaks have gone all fancay schmancay and it’s not the same anymore, youz guys. He got the pistachio/peanut butter milkshake (I think) and that was also pretty mind blowing. 

If I remember correctly I referenced food orgasms quite a bit during this meal. Next time I’m in town this is what will happen: drumsticks & milkshakes at Food Swings, Tully at Lucky Dog… then some lucky dude’s bed because guess what, I’m gonna make this an orgasm hat trick. 

BAM! *gretzky slide*

Food Swings

295 Grand Street  NY 11211-4406, United States
(718) 388-1919

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