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My brain is made of mush, alongside all these brains stuff. I believe in sustainable living not out of environmental consciousness but more so in vue of a possible apocalypse and due to my ever growing disdain for human beings.
I like the song Big in Japan by Alphaville.

Born in the 70s. Montreal resident. Ex-Ex-Pat. Ex-Philadelphian, Ex-Las Vegan but ALL VEGAN.
Beagle gal pal and lover of the cervidae family.

Honorary graduate of Starfleet Academy.


So I was truly excited to try out Blackbird, formerly known as Gianna’s. I had gotten pretty pissed off when i found out that Gianna’s had closed but found much relief in knowing that all my friends were loving the new all vegan restaurant that took its place. Gianna’s was a shithole, let’s face it. It wasn’t all vegan but it had great fast food options for us. 

So they “improved” on the looks of this place but, well, not much. It still looks pretty dingy. 

Everyone recommended I try the cubano but i was craving a cheesesteak and decided to get both and split them. I tried on the cheesesteak first. It was good but honestly it does not compare to Gianna’s cheesesteak. Blackbird’s version is all fancy with peppers and onions, their “meat” is super thin and awkward, plus they use daiya. Now I like daiya but I don’t LOVE it. It’s a cheesesteak for crying out loud! It’s supposed to be gross and the opposite of fancy. Anyways, I wasn’t super happy with it, it did not fill my philly void in the least. 

Sheri had the 2 pizza slices and they were both delicious. I, myself, preferred the tomato basil slice as opposed to the pepperoni one once again mainly due to their use of daiya. I like teese on my pizza. TEESE ALL THE WAY!

Guess what, I didn’t even get to try the cubano because it kept having to wait for me in cars, in various parking lots, in the HEAT. It even made the trip back to Canada with me but at this point I had grown weary of trying it. 

They had sweets and awesome sodas. I do believe their cakes and cookies come from Vegan Treats. If you haven’t had any vegan treats you are missing out… seriously, sincerely, they kick all kinds of ass. And i hear that they have soft serve at their Bethlehem location. 

Next time I am in town I will NOT skip out of Govinda’s, B2 AND vegan treats. But next time I am in town I won’t be crying over a bottle of Tully, eating all the vegan food i can pack in in the shortest amount of time. 


507 S. 6th st.

Philadelphia, PA


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